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logoRmoenia2015On September 17-20, ECA EUROPEAN CANOE SPRINT JUNIORS AND U23 CHAMPIONSHIPS were held in Bascov-Arges, Romania. MSPU students took part in this competition. Their insistence and hard work led to magnificent coup!

MSPU teaching staff expresses acknowledgements and extend good wishes to the following students-winners:

Vadim Alekseevich – Silver and Bronze medals! (C4, U23 1000m; C2, U23 1000m)
Stanislav Dayneko – Silver and Bronze medals! (K2, Jun 200m; K1, Jun 500m)
Yury Tkachev – Silver and Bronze medals! (K2, Jun 200m; K4, Jun 1000m)
Denis Vaschenko – Silver medal! (C2, Jun 1000m)
Anton Patsov – Bronze medal! (K4, Jun 1000m)
Ilya Tkachev – Bronze medal! (K4, Jun 1000m)
Ivan Tsuranov – Bronze medal! (K4, U23 1000m)
Dmitry Hilchenko – Bronze medal! (K4, U23 1000m) 


18-09-01On September 18, 2015 Internet-campaign In Favour of Independent Belarus!” got underway all over the country. It took place in the Academy of Public Administration under the Aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus. Bloggers, photographers and students disputed on patriotism, country development prospects and life of the Belarussians. Kirill Shimko, the strongest person in Belarus, taught a master class devoted to strength and love to the Motherland.

If you want to participate in this patriotic project, take a cute picture and add some simple hashtags #моябеларусь and #мойвыбор underneath. By means of such a campaign specific data field will be created and any person in the world may got to know how significant the achievements of Belarus in the sphere of social and economical development.

Belarus and China: Aspects of Cooperation

Bilateral relations between Republic of Belarus and People’s Republic of China are strategically important for both countries in the field of education and science.

In August 2015 Andrew Golozubov, docent (Basic Concepts of Building and MTBD Chair, Pedagogics and Engineering Department), was invited to P.R. China (Yantai, Shandong Province) as a member of the Belarusian National Technical University working group. The aim of the business trip was to discuss further cooperation according to the agreement signed between Inner Mongolia Metal Material Institute (IMMMRI) and Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I.P.Shamyakin, and working on the theme "Technologies and equipment for magnetic abrasive polishing of flat surfaces of parts of ceramic materials".


Keeping Goodwill in Your Hands: Volunteer Forum in Mozyr

14-09-01On September 04 2015 the first volunteer district forum Keeping Goodwill in Your Hands was successfully finished. It was held on the premises of Mozyr District Organization “Belarusian Society of Red Cross”. 


Olga Hudenko – Champion of Aquece Rio Test Events!

Rio 2015 logoOn September 04-06, 2015 International Canoe Sprint Challenge was held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Olga Hudenko, MSPU Master’s Degree Student, participated in Women’s Kayak Single (K1) 500 m. The girl did her best won the gold medal!

We congratulate Olga on such a marvelous victory! 


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