Technology and Biology Department

Technology and Biology Department

Welcome to the home page of Technology and Biology Department. It’s a great honor to make friends with you through the internet.

By the decision of Rector Department of Technology and Department of Biology were reorganized into Technology and Biology Department. Now it’s a newly founded division, the main aim of which is to find out, enhance and support students’ creativity, motivation to knowledge, science and art.

In the coming academic year Technology and Biology Department offers the following range of programs:
Higher Education Programs:
•    Biology and Chemistry
•    Technical Labour and Business
•    Service Work and Decorative Art

Master’s Degree Programs:
•    General Pedagogics, History of Pedagogics and Education
•    Biology
•    Educational Management

Post Graduate Degree Program:
•    General Pedagogics, History of Pedagogics and Education
•    Theory and Methods of Education and Training

There are 30 teachers at the department who train students in accordance with high standards of education. 50% of them are Professors and PhDs. 11 laboratories of Biology and Chemistry, 3 lecture halls, science and research laboratories are available for students to train.

Annually Technology and Biology Department invites colleagues from numerous educational establishments to take part in the international science and research conference “Modern ecological problems of Polesye region sustainable growth: science, education, culture”. Participants from Russian Federation, Ukraine, Moldova, and Kazakstan took part in the conference.

We trust that information offered in this guide will help you to make your stay and training at this department fulfilling, both academically and personally, and that you will enjoy the many attractions of this university and this beautiful city!

Contact information:
36 Ryzhkova Str.
247760 Mozyr
Gomel Region
Republic of Belarus
Room 255
Contact number+375 236 25-63-65
Fax:   +375 236 25-63-65



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