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Congratulations to Vasily Shepelevich!

zA monograph by Head of Department of Theoretical Physics, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Vasily Shepelevich "Holography in photorefractive optically active crystals" was printed in the publishing center of BSU.

The monograph  was published with the financial support of the Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research (BRFFR).

The book is intended for students, undergraduates, graduate students, physicists and scientists specializing in the field of optics, photonics, quantum electronics, holography and its applications. 

The online-presentation of the educational institute “Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I.P. Shamyakin"

posterOn October 26, 2012 the online presentation of Institutions of Higher Education of Gomel region was conducted for high school graduates.

First was presentation of “Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I.P. Shamyakin".  The university delegation, consisting of the Prorector for Academic Affairs S.N. Schur, the Dean of Preliminary Training and Career Counseling Department E.E. Grechannikov, and the Dean of Language and Literature Department L.V.  Ismailova presented full information about the departments, specialities and admission requirements to the university  to the high school graduates. The questions asked by students were fully answered.

Besides our university, the representatives of such institutions of education as “Gomel State University named after F. Skaryna”, “Belarusian State University of Transport”, “Gomel State Technical University named after P.O. Suhoy”, and “Gomel State Medical University” participated in the meeting with students. More than 1500 future applicants met to become acquainted with the universities of Gomel region.

Download MSPU presentation



"Student of the Year 2012"

IMG 8872

Congratulations to the 5th-year student of the Language and Literature Department of Mozyr State Pedagogical University Vialina Alekseenko, the winner of the regional competition "Student of the Year-2012 ONLINE".


The hits of the 80s and 90s



On October, 25 the competition of vocal mastery “The hits of the 80s and 90s” was conducted in the university, in which the students of all departments took part.

The contestants showed a good level of preparations and demonstrated their vocal and creative abilities. The audience got a great deal of positive emotions.

The contestants’ performances were estimated by a competent jury: E.S. Astreiko (the head of a Department of Educational Work with the Youth), V.V. Strukov (the head of a Student’s Local Trade Union committee), N.N. Danchenko (cultural organizer), and E. V. Zhmur (cultural organizer).

The winners were awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes from the student’s local trade union committee:

The 1st place-Yulia Mironovich (language and literature department)

The 2nd place-Valentina Naumenko (biological department)

The 3rd place-Tatyana Prokopenko (language and literature department)

Congratulations to the winners of the Olympiad

medaliOn 18-19 October 2012, Ural State Pedagogical University (Yekaterinburg, Russia) conducted All-Russian Olympiad on elementary and higher mathematics with the international participation of students of  pedagogical universities. The winners of the Olympiad on higher mathematics became students of Physico-Mathematical Faculty of “Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I.P. Shamyakin”:  the 1st place-Olga Veko, the 2nd place- Alexey Logvin, the 3rd  place-Vasiliy Petrushenko.


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