On November 17, 2018 Self-government day was held at Philology Department. The following affairs were involved: Department administration session on the topic “Main directions of work of Student Council at Philology Department in 2017-2018 and main objectives for 2018-2019”, round table discussion “Student self government and its role when professional background of students is created”, art-contest “My Motherland”, fun-campaign “Selfie with a favorite teacher” and “Working friday”.

In this vein the following students were chosen to take up the administration positions – Maria Ryabtseva, Dean of Philology Department, Kate Parhomenko, Deputy Dean for Educational Affairs, Irina Piliponchick, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Sabina Omelyuzhenko, Deputy Dean for Research, Anatoly Naroushvili, Head of the Chair of History and Social Sciences, Kristina Savenko, Head of the Chair of Belarusian and Russian Philology, Irina Skakun, Head of the Chair of Foreign Languages and Foreign Languages Teaching Methodology.

Within this campaign an art contest “My Small Motherland” was conducted. Here is the list of the winners: Liliya Semeyko (1st year student), Kristina Petrovskaya (1st year student), Sabina Omelyuzhenko (4th year student).

At the end of the day Philology teachers and students discussed the current problems and perspectives of further development.



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