On November 01, 2018 Coordination council for continuous pedagogical education was held at the premises of Baranovichi State University. During the plenary meeting the following experts in Pedagogical education presented their reports i.e. V.I. Kochurko, Rector of BarSU, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, A.I. Zhuck, Rector of BSPU, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, M.G. Gapko, Head of Curriculum & Instruction Department, BarSU, A.V. Poznyak, Head of the Center for Pedagogical Development of BSPU.

V.I. Kochurko, Rector of BarSU, opened the meeting and greeted everybody. Then A.I. Zhuck presented his report devoted to advanced training of teachers who work in specialized classes majoring in Pedagogics. He analyzed the results of Admission campaign 2018 and showed the statistics on Pedagogical classes and pupils who studied there. He said that the quantity of pupils was getting bigger. With the aim not to lose the results Mr Rector said any measures to motivate teachers to work better must have been established. It was stated that “THE TEACHER” was the only reason to get such high achievements. The teachers who are working in specialized classes majoring in Pedagogics have been provided with methodological supplies. These supplies have been uploaded at the Internet-Portal of BSPU in section “Pedagogical Classes”. Moreover, much attention was paid to the content of the course “Introduction into a Profession of a teacher”. This course was developed with the aim to reveal peculiarities of forms and methods of work, difficulties of work and useful experience.

A.I. Zhuck said that those days the subjects of clusters who were responsible for management and methodological support of the teachers who were working in Pedagogical classes were effectively implementing the aim. However, it would be good to diversify the work for specialized training in the field of management and support, conducting the classes for advanced training, etc.

M.G. Gapko, Head of Curriculum & Instruction Department, BarSU, lectured on effective forms and means of cooperation within the regional cluster of continuous pedagogical education. S.A. Martynenko, Head of the Center for Professional Orientation, conducted a presentation devoted to first steps of school children who want to start teaching career in the future. E.G. Gordey , Director of Zhemchuzhina Secodary School acting as a laboratory school.

If to sum up the results we could claim the following: it is needed to enhance the forms of managerial and methodological support of teachers, who work in specialized pedagogical classes, data base for teachers and classes with the aim to exchange the experience, implementation of educational programmes for teachers, develop the potential capacity of those experts who teach “Introduction into a Profession of a teacher”.

In this vein Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I.P.Shamyakin and the Chair of Pedagogics and Psychology will hold an academic contest “Teacher of the Future”; the main objective of the contest is the arrangement of professional and pedagogical enhancement of a teacher.




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