International scientific conference

International scientific conference

      In the beginning of the plenary meeting, the chancellor of the university, Ph.D in biology V.V.Valetov, greeted the participants with his speech. He remarked that this university succeeded in building the effective educational system that enables the students to both get the university degree and make archievements in sports. Fifteen students and graduates of the university took part in the last Olympics in London to represent their homeland. During all the time of the university's existance, a huge number of students and teachers of the faculty were winning competitions and glorifying the university, the city and the country. The rector wished everyone in the building creative and productive work.

      The director of the Republican Center of Physical Culture and Sports of Pupils and Students V.V.Balyabo noted that the heads of MSPU put great emphasis on the issues of physical culture and promote sports among the youth. She awarded Ph.D V.V.Valetov a honorific diploma of the establishment she represented. Similar diplomas went to Ph.D in pedagogy S.N.Shur, Ph.D. in pedagogy I.M.Maslo, and Ph.D. in pedagogy N.V.Zaytseva.

      The speech of V.V.Shantarovich, the chief Belarussian coach in rowing, aroused great interest of the listeners.

      At the plenary meeting the word was also given to Ph.D. in pedagody L.D.Glazyrina (professor of BSPU n.a. M.Tank, topic "The role of psychophysical correspondence of the personality in sports"), Ph.D. in biology A.I.Bosenko (professor in SSPU n.a. K.D.Ushinski, topic "physical aptitude of the female university students"), Ph.D. in pedagogy S.V.Strashko (head of medical sciences & valeology dept. in NPU n.a. M.P.Dragomanov, topic "Human health & byorhythms"), and Ph.D. in pedagogy G.I.Narskyn (professor in GSU n.a. F.Skorina, topic "Experience of Olympic sports scientific research laboratory").

      The conference was divided into three sections.

      Section 1. "Pedagogical basis of forming the physical culture and healthy lifestyle"

      Section 2. "Physical upbringing of the studying youth, students and children of pre-school age"

      Section 3. "Organisation and governing of the sportsmen training process"

      On 12 October, 2012, the participants negotiated a range of issues during the "round table". The discussed topics included the problems of specialist-rearing in the field of physical culture, health problems of modern students, perspectives of building up the Olympic reserves and qualified sportsmen.

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