High-Demand Profession

High-Demand Profession

22-04-01What way to choose? This is a question of present interest every school leaver wants to answer. Among doctors, policemen, teachers and some other professions there is an unostentatious but at the same time high-demand profession - a social worker.

Social workers. Who are they?

Social workers resemble kind-hearted wizards, because their work connects with underprotected individuals (handicapped people, orphans, people in need, families involved into a precarious situation). It is evident that the work of orphan homes, social service centers, adult residential homes and crisis centers depends on members of social care community.

What features of character should a social worker possess?

The main features of character a social worker should possess are love and readiness to lend his shoulder to those who need. A person who has decided to start this career should take into account that devotion and effort are indispensable and obliged.

Where to study?

Establishment of Education “Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I.P.Shamyakin” offers to study social work peculiarities at Technology Department, Speciality “Social Work (Social and Pedagogical Activity)”. It was opened two years ago. Within this training module students can also get quality education in the humanities. They conceive the essence of the profession not only by means of academic but also practical training. Under the auspices of Technology Department Volunteers Club “HOPE” was organized. The aim of the club is to improve professional standards and show the peculiarities of the job. All the club members bear a part in a student laboratory of social and pedagogical investigations where much attention is drawn to participation in working international and state seminars and conferences devoted to challenging issues in the field of social pedagogics and volunteerism.

Social work is not as easy as it seems. It’s should be taken into account that every person needs support. Unfortunately, not everyone may share his care and goodheartedness with those who need it.

This profession is for you if kindness of your heart is able to change someone else’s life for the better!

Alena Kashevich,

Member of the Club “Young Correspondent”,

Mozyr Center of Children and Youth Creativity


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