Training Conference “Psychological Preparedness for Educational Work”

Training Conference “Psychological Preparedness for Educational Work”


27-03-1On March 25, 2015 the intramural training conference Psychological Preparedness for Educational Work for undergraduates was held at MSPU named after I.P.Shamyakin. The aim of the conference was to actualize the area of psychological problems caused by adaptation of student apprentices and young professionals to educational work.



Nikolay Lebedev, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, mounted the conference. He paid much attention to the contemporary stay of educational system in the Republic of Belarus and readiness of a modern teacher to work with a heterogeneous group of children. Nowadays, MSPU named after I.P.Shamyakin is taking part in the international project “Training of teachers and educational managers to work with heterogeneous groups and organizations” (TEMPUS – 4).

The report of Ivanova L., Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Docent, was devoted to peculiarities of cooperation and intercourse of a teacher in various spheres of professional activity. Karpovich I., Master of Psychological Sciences, covered the question of educational needs of gifted pupils.

Sharinets N., Master of Psychological Sciences, Senior Teacher, reported on educational needs of children with special needs.

Minevich R., Educational Psychologist, Chief of the Branch of Practical Psychology and Defectology Chair, generated interest of the audience in the report devoted to the topic “Professional cooperation of an educational psychologist with a school teacher”. A psychologist and a teacher differ in professional references and viewpoints. However, these disagreements don’t have to influence on productive collaboration.

Stelchenko I., Senior Teacher, laid emphasis on personal resources of teachers’ professional advancement.

Thus, Training Conference “Psychological Preparedness for Educational Work” was organized and held upon an initiative of Elena Sazanchuck, Chief of Practical Office.



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