Faculty of Preschool and Primary Education


The Faculty of Primary school was founded at Mozyr State Pedagogical Institute in 1960. In 1964 it was renamed  into the Faculty of  Pedagogics and Methods of Primary Education, and in 2006 - into the Faculty of Preschool and Primary Education.

Today the faculty provides professional training of day-time course students in the following specialities:

  • Primary education. Practical psychology. (Teacher.  Psychologist);
  • Primary education. Musical art. (Teacher);
  • Pre-school education. Speech therapy. (Teacher. Speech therapist);
  • Pre-school education. Physical education. (Teacher. Lecturer).

In the reduced correspondence course of training  (4 years)  the following specialties are available:

  • Primary education;
  • Preschool education.

 The educational process is provided by four chairs:

-the chair of  pedagogics of primary education ,

-the chair of practical psychology and defectology,

-the chair methods of elementary education,

-the chair of music and methods of music teaching.

The faculty is renowned for its traditional events, many of which are associated with the musical art, "The days of choral music", " Cymbals sound", "Next to the Bard's Song", "The folk art", "Music Room" and others.

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