Congratulations to our athletes!

Congratulations to our athletes!


At the Knowledge Day the students and the graduates of our university won 3 medals in rowing and canoeing at the world championships.




Roman Petrushenka (a faculty member of the EI MSPU named after I. P. Shamyakin) and Vadim Makhnev won a silver medal in a canoe-pair at the distance of 500 meters. They finished the race with the result of 1 minute 32,711 seconds.  They yield the championship only to the Portuguese team (01:32:622). Third place was taken by the team from France (01:33:023).



Our celebrities Margaret Tsishkevich, Nadezhda Popok, Olga Khudenko and Marina Litvinchuk earned a bronze medal at the 500 meter distance with a time of 1 minute 33,642 seconds. The victory in this race went to the Hungarian crew (01:32:272), and Germans team took a silver medal (01:33:510).




Dmitry Ryabchenko (graduates of EI “Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I. P. Shamyakin”) and Alexander Volchetskij earned another bronze medal in canoe-pair at the distance of 200 meters with a time of 36,654 seconds. German team won this race (36:331), the second place was taken by the Russian team (36:551). 


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