The guests of the Faculty of Philology were hosted by three departments - the Department of History and Social Studies, the Department of Belarusian and Russian Philology and the Department of Foreign Languages and MPFL. The conference participants met at the beginning of the day in a plenary session, where they heard the first interesting statements.

One of them was the report of the graduate of the philological faculty - L.M. Wormyn, who now works in the kindergarten 40 g. Mozyr. She spoke about the pilot project she is carrying out in cooperation with the High Tech Park, which is used for teaching children 5-6 years with the help of Matatalife robots.

A.G. Linchevsky shared many years of experience in the application of active methods of teaching, a teacher of the history of Secondary School №2 of town Osipovichi. In his report, he also presented his extracurricular activities for the patriotic education of the younger generation.In the afternoon of the conference participants met at breakout sessions.

There were two scientific sections “Philological education” and “Social science education”. For the participation in the work of both sections were announced more than 70 reports from different parts of our country - Mozyr, Kalinkovichi, Zhodino, Pinsk, Bobruisk, Mogilev, Elsk, Polotsk, Turov, Lelchytsy, Hoynyka, Horzhytskoe, Zhytskoe, Gordzhia, Gordzhiy. Zhyt. Zhlobin, Bragin, Vitebsk, Shklov, etc.

The topics of the scientific reports were diverse and very topical. There was the formation of civicism and patriotism, the formation of a system of spiritual and moral values, the use of information and communication technologies, effective methods and methods of training, innovative projects, distance learning technologies, development of communicative and sociocultural competence, simulating of speech situations, teacher’s professionalism and others. The discussion of the reports took place in an atmosphere of interest, when colleagues were expressing their views, were sharing their ideas and were giving examples from their own practice. The participants of the conference separated with confidence that next year they will meet again. Because the teacher lives not only by lessons in which he shapes the student’s personality, his worldview, active life attitude, civic consciousness. It is important for the teacher to enrich own knowledge. Without this school will cease to be a school.









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