Information for authors

Information for authors

 1. Authors are requested to send their article in a single copy by regular or registered mail to the address:

MSPU named after I.P.Shamyakin

28 Studencheskaya Str., Room 114

247760 Mozyr

Gomel Region


Total volume of the article is 14.000-25.000 printed chars (word spaces, punctuation marks, numbers, etc. included).


The article is written in Russian or Belarusian.


The articles are prepared on the computer. Text processing program – Word 97, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 for Windows. Font – Times New Roman, 10pt. Line spacing – single (1.0). Paragraph indention – 1.27 cm. Picture/diagram/illustration/ graph captions are prepared in Times New Roman. Margins (left, right, upper, lower) – 30 mm. Page number – at the bottom in the center.

2. UDC identifier is stated in the left upper corner of the page.

3. Then pass a line and write down the initials and surname of the author(s). Hereupon write down personal data of the author(s) in Russian and English according to the form:

- Surname, Name, Patronymic (in full, no abbreviations);

- science degree and rank;

- Name of present employer (in full);

- department/chair;

- occupation;

- postal address, office and home telephone numbers, e-mail of (each) author;

- (for post-graduate students) information about dissertation advisor (Surname, Name, Patronymic, science degree, rank).

4. Then pass a line and write down the title of the article in Russian and English (in capital letters, no word brakes, no separation of prepositions from the following nouns). The title should be short; determines the field of study; corresponds to the contents.

5. Then pass a line and write down the summary of the article in Russian and English. It is to contain 10 printed lines upwards and covers the main idea of the article; the key words and word combinations are added in Russian and English afterwards.

Then the author identifies a new paragraph and types the text according to the following sections:

Introduction (aim and research methods included)

- Results

- Discussions

- Conclusions

6. Expressions, notions, examples are written in bold or italic types.

7. There are no strict regulations what to choose: a Russian letter е or ё. The author is allowed to use any.

8. List of abbreviations/clippings (if there are any) is stated beneath the article.

9. Document references are numbered according to the quotation order in square brackets (i.e. [1], [2]).

Citing “p.” or “pp.” is not used. Firstly the author states the number of the document reference and then the number of the page. Study the example: [3, 14], [5, 10–12].

10. REFERENCE LIST («СПИСОК ОСНОВНЫХ ИСТОЧНИКОВ»/ “CПIС АСНОЎНЫХ КРЫНIЦ”) is stated beneath the article (See ГОСТ 7.1-2003).

11. The author(s) affix(es) his personal signature on each page of the hard copy of the article.

12. Documents are to be attached before the publication:

a) recommendations of the chair/research laboratory/educational establishment (Extract from Minutes);

b) independent (external) expert (candidate/doctor of sciences/PhD) review with seal affixed;

c) e-copy of the article;

d) agreement on transfer of authorship rights (in two copies) (See;

e) Сovering letter under the authority of Rector or Pro-Rector for Research/ or Science and Research Establishment (for foreign citizens).

Articles of foreign citizens (who work in Higher educational establishments/ universities/science and research establishments) are accepted if Cooperation Agreement available.

Editorial board of the academic journal makes an expert examination of the article and then decides to publish the article or not.

The major criteria for the article to be published are the following ones: novelty, topicality, information capacity.

If editorial board rejects to publish the article, the manuscript is not sent back to the author.

If it is necessary for the article to be reworked, the author is to make all the allowances.

Complete follow-up revision does not guarantee the author that his manuscript will be published.

On-publishing date is supposed to be the date when editorial board receives the manuscript back after follow-up revision.

Editorial board reserves the right to reject the publishing of the manuscript with no reason given if the contents of the article do not correspond to remit of the journal.

Articles of post graduate and doctoral students are published out of turn if they graduate the course in the current year or before the defence of the thesis.

Please take into consideration: Editorial board rejects to publish the article if it has been already published in any other journals or mass media (in accordance with Legislative Decrees of the Republic of Belarus).

NB! Editorial board reserves the right to insert amendments in Instructions for Authors. For more detailed information see

Editorial board 

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: + 375 236 32 46 29 

Building 1 (Studentscheskaya street, 28)

 Lecture room 114

The rules for the authors


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