photo On November 14, 2019 there was a darts competition. It was held at the premises of MSPU named after I.P.Shamyakin. More than 83 people participated in this sport event.

Here is the list of the winners who participated in the individual championships:

Male group:

1st place – Dmitry Chikida (Physical Education Department)

2nd place – Ilya Kulesh (Physical Education Department)

3rd place – Anton Burey (Physical Education Department)

Female group:

1st place – Anna Antonova (Department of Preschool and Elementary Education)

2nd place – Natalia Bankova (Physical Education Department)

3rd place – Valeria Kovalenko (Physics and Engineering Department)

Team scoring:

1st place – Physical Education Department (460 scores)

2nd place – Department of Preschool and Elementary Education (333 scores)

3rd place – Physics and Engineering Department (292 scores)

4th place – Philology Department (59 scores)

All the participants were awarded with festive diplomas! Congratulations!

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