6th Turov Eparchial Readings

6th Turov Eparchial Readings

The following participants presented their reports at the plenary meeting: S.A. Cherepko, Dean of Historical Department, F. Skorina GSU; S.A. Yuris, Head of the Department for Pre-university training and vocational orientation, P.Sukhoi GSTU, V.A. Odinochenko, PhD in History, Associate Professor, F. Skorina GSU.

After the meeting all the guests and participants of the event were presented a unique historical and biographic project “Children of War” devoted to the 75th anniversary of the Victory; the heads of the projects: Ludmila Gavrilovets, Irina Sudibor, Tatsiana Symanovich.

After the performance all the participants were divided into groups and came to Grammar School in Kalinkovichi. There were 6 sections: “Results and lessons we got after the war”, “Christian values in modern educational process”, “Historical and country-study affairs held at the educational establishments”, “Church and War”, “”War in my family”, “Preschool and Elementary education”.

After the event all the participants were provided with the diplomas of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade.


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